Are You Ready For Property Division?

Before finalizing the property division in your divorce, it is critical that you have answers to certain questions. These include:

  • Do you know all of the property that is involved?
  • Do you know the value of that property?
  • Do you know what property is community property and what is separate property?

Without complete answers to these questions, you may not be getting everything to which you are rightfully entitled. The property division lawyers at Amick, Stevens & Gadness have over 25 years of experience answering these questions.

The definitions of community property and separate property are often misunderstood. Separate property refers exclusively to what you owned or possessed, going into the marriage and select gifts or inheritances. Community property refers to everything else, including personal property acquired during the marriage.

Before the division of marital property is complete, an understanding of all property involved is necessary. Our attorneys can work with you to reach a full inventory of property. We can ensure that nothing is excluded, including potentially hidden property, such as employment benefits and retirement funds. We will help you with value determination of everything from the house, to a small business, to antique jewelry.

Providing Personal Attention And Answering Your Questions

We will provide personal attention to ensure that your best interests are achieved. Whether your divorce requires a trial or you would prefer to mediate or use our collaborative divorce methods to ensure an amicable resolution, we are here to help with property division every step of the way.

We can also answer all your questions about property division and your rights. Contact us at 214-473-8383 to schedule a consultation.

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