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Protecting Your Interests In Complex Divorce

Divorce is never easy. However, when there are significant assets, debts or other complex issues involved, there is a greater need to have an experienced divorce attorney on your side. At Amick, Stevens & Gadness, our attorneys provide knowledgeable divorce representation focused on personal attention, open client communication and a commitment to each client’s unique needs. Call a divorce lawyer at Amick, Stevens & Gadness at 214-473-8383 to schedule a consultation.

Most divorces involve some form of property division, child custody arrangement (if children are involved) and support allocation. However, in high-end divorces, there are often far more complex asset and debt issues to be considered, such as:

  • Future valuation of retirement funds, IRAs and pension
  • Employee stock options and other employee benefits
  • Business interests
  • Professional degrees
  • Real estate investments
  • Significant marital debt

Under Texas divorce laws, all community property (marital property) is to be divided equitably, not necessarily equally. In order to obtain a fair property settlement, it is necessary to designate which property is subject to division. Therefore, our divorce lawyers perform an in-depth analysis of community property, separate property and co-mingled property.

Our divorce lawyers use accountants, business analysts, appraisers and other experts to determine current and future value of complex assets and debts, locate hidden assets and perform tracing to distinguish separate assets from co-mingled assets. If separate assets have been co-mingled with community assets, these assets may be considered marital property and thus open to property division.

Resolving Complex Divorce Disputes

While our law firm encourages amicable resolutions through collaborative divorce or divorce mediation, we recognize that divorce litigation is occasionally the only way to best achieve our clients’ goals and interests when so much is at stake. Our divorce attorneys are committed to serving our clients’ needs and if litigation is the path that your divorce requires, our competent, capable attorneys will navigate the process with you.

Contact a divorce lawyer at Amick, Stevens & Gadness at 214-473-8383 to schedule a consultation to discuss your complex divorce needs.

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