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Advocates For Parents Facing Child Protective Service Accusations

While the Child Protective Services (CPS) serving Texas is an administrative office, officials at the CPS have the authority in certain instances to remove your child from your home and terminate your parental rights. It is therefore important to take a CPS hearing seriously, and to seek sound legal representation from attorneys who understand the CPS hearing process.

Amick, Stevens & Gadness, in Plano, understands the steps to take to protect you during CPS hearings. Due to our understanding of the CPS process, we will provide advice and guidance to you throughout the matter.

Your Rights As A Parent At CPS Hearings

While termination of your parental rights can occur, under the law this should only occur under extremely rare circumstances. Before removal of your child from the home can occur, there needs to be a showing of abuse or neglect that puts the child in danger.

Due to their extensive experience and dedication in representing clients in family law matters, our lawyers will vigorously defend you against any accusations of abuse or neglect. We will take all necessary actions to prevent the removal and termination of your parental rights from occurring. By explaining the process to you, we can reduce the anxiety you experience while going through the CPS hearing process. Our attorneys and staff can also help you should such matters overtime be the subject for mediation or litigation.

Access To The Resources You Need

Parents facing accusations in a CPS setting often struggle with serious emotional, and alcohol and drug addiction issues. Yet such ordeals do not render you to be an ineffective parent. Nor should such issues result in the loss of your parenting rights.

Because of our close community ties, our lawyers can help put you in touch with the resources you need to help resolve your issues and focus your entire attention upon raising your children. We can also make the case to the CPS that you are working toward overcoming such obstacles and are on your way to recovery.

Putting Experience On Your Side

Are you facing a Child Protective Service matter? If so, contact our attorneys today. Our attorneys have extensive family law experience dealing with issues concerning children. Please do not put your parental rights at risk by failing to obtain the sort of representation you deserve. Please contact our law firm by calling 214-473-8282 to set up an initial consultation.

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