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Divorce is challenging enough without the additional stress of an attorney who does not return your calls or involve you in important decisions. For that reason, the divorce lawyers of Amick, Stevens & Gadness, take the time to get to know you, your perspective and your needs from the beginning. We are committed to open communication with our clients, keeping you apprised of the status of your case throughout the process, returning your calls and answering your questions.

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Divorce Representation Based Upon Your Unique Needs

We are experienced working with all types of divorce. From contested divorces to uncontested divorces, we will provide caring guidance through every step of the process. We will take you through the necessary paperwork, through your settlement negotiations and to trial, if necessary. We will stand by your side to ensure that all of your needs are met. Our divorce attorneys offer skilled advocacy in all aspects of your divorce, including:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Marital property division
  • Restraining orders and protective orders

Often, divorcing couples have not considered every aspect of their lives that will be impacted by the divorce, or have not conducted complete inventories of property. Assets are frequently overlooked. Our divorce attorneys are skilled at evaluating property and assets, and can assist you with determining a fair and accurate inventory and division of your community estate (your marital property).

In addition, we offer skilled representation in difficult divorce proceedings involving controversial asset and debt issues, such as those involving business interests and stock options.

Respected Practitioners Of Collaborative Divorce

We are committed to meeting your needs in the most effective way possible. In an effort to assist our clients, we are trained in collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce is a form of dispute resolution that removes the “win at all costs” approach from divorce. In this process, parties and their attorneys contractually agree at the outset to settle their child custody and property disputes without going to court. Spouses avoid lengthy and costly “discovery” by agreeing to disclose and exchange all information required to make sensible and fair decisions. The result: less emotionally destructive and more dignified divorces for more and more families.

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At Amick, Stevens & Gadness, we make certain that you know all of the legal options available to you so that you are able to make informed decisions about your future. We are diligent about helping our clients move toward their goal and offer knowledgeable guidance throughout the divorce process.

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