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Strong Help With Custody And Visitation Concerns

If you are involved in a custody or visitation dispute, you may have many questions, including:



  • How can I get the child custody provisions of my divorce changed?
  • What if my ex-spouse is not allowing me visitation and possession rights?
  • My child’s other parent and I never married. Can I still get custody?

Amick, Stevens & Gadness, can provide more than just answers. We can provide action. We will listen to your needs, and work with you to achieve what is best for you and your child. You can rest assured that you will be involved through every step of the process. We do not believe in filing cases away or passing them around the office. You will receive the personal attention you and your family deserve.

Get Personal Attention From Lawyers Who Care

As child custody and visitation attorneys, we understand the importance of the bond between parent and child. We will work with you to ensure that bond remains intact for you and your child. From temporary orders issued at the beginning of divorce proceedings, to motions to contest the visitation rights granted as the result of the divorce, we will stand by your side. This includes providing representation when parental relocation issues arise.

Read some frequently asked questions about custody in Texas.

Explore A Nonadversarial Approach

We have many options to offer in terms of reaching a resolution. Together, we will work to find the one that is best for you and your family. We are trained in collaborative divorce and use collaborative divorce and other nonadversarial techniques when pursuing resolution to family law matters. This positive approach facilitates the creation of workable agreements between both parties regarding child custody and visitation issues. It fosters strong communication, which is essential when a child is involved.

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