Reducing Your Stress Through Mediation

Family disputes can be physically, emotionally and financially draining. Recognizing this, the law firm of Amick, Stevens & Gadness was founded on the principle that the least disruptive solution is often in the best interests of everyone involved. In order to reduce trauma on our clients and their families, our family law attorneys focus on minimizing conflict through mediation or other alternative dispute resolution methods.

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Mediation: Mutual Resolution Of Family Disputes

Mediation is a resolution technique in which a third party mediator facilitates the settlement process through open discussions between the parties. By objectively listening to both sides of the matter, the mediator can help you and your spouse craft a settlement that you both accept. The mediator promotes honest communication on all issues. Mediation is often used to resolve family issues, such as:

Benefits Of Family Mediation

In divorce litigation, if the parties cannot reach an agreement on disputed issues, control is often taken from the couple and placed in the hands of a judge or jury — someone who does not know, understand or appreciate your family’s unique needs is given the authority to make important decisions for you and your family.

However, in divorce mediation, the couple is able to come together in attempt to resolve disputes amicably. In mediation you will be able to maintain control over the decisions which will impact your future while also maintaining control over the overall cost of the divorce. In addition, mediation is often less time-consuming than divorce litigation.

Turn To Our Experienced Mediators And Family Attorneys In Plano, Texas

Our family law attorneys have the experience and qualifications to serve clients needs throughout the mediation process. We are capable of advising clients of their rights through mediation. Mediation has been a highly successful method of resolving domestic disputes.

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